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Rolly Mouchaty​​
my name, is Rolly Mouchaty, my artistic name, Rollymoon , and the Moon is my passion painting it, my devotion.

I was born in Venezuela, one of Latin American most beautiful countries, 

With the start of the new millennium I moved to the United States of America. Since then I have resided in Boca Raton, in South Florida.

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I am an artist by heart, with a great passion for the moon and started to paint it just the way I saw it in my very early childhood. God gives us all a gift, he blessed me with the Love for painting; specially one passion "the moon". Painting to me is like music but most, it's a language which creates feelings in us. Feelings we all understand, no matter who we are or where we come from. With this kind of language we create connections with the whole universe. Painting is my way to communicate through my strokes and colors with the universe, and that my friends, gives me profound satisfaction. Through my paintings I am able to communicate my deepest feelings and emotions, my weakness and fears, passion and joy.. dear art lover, I hope it will bring you joy and touches your deepest emotions..

I see the MOON in all kind of shapes leading my imagination to so many stories with each one of its faces cycle. I live surrounded by moons all over my place, coffee table, patio set, curtain shower, coffee mugs, long story short,  I paint the moon everywhere I can. I am dedicated to capture the Moon's beauty and witness it in its full glory as my greatest joys, but to paint it, is even a greater joy. To reproduce this incredibly gorgeous beauty in oil on a canvas is almost impossible, but I will die trying its perfect interpretation. When I paint the moon, all my attention, passion and soul focuses in its endless and mysterious  shapes fulfilling my heart to the fullest and reflecting on each piece my devotion. All my feelings and emotions are expressed through my art. Art became one of my best friends and best tools to express myself. I hope this moment glancing at my  moons' artwork, will lead a pleasant travel to unknown places, touching your deepest feelings and emotions! 

I love your visit to the Moon and back!

Very early in my life the moon had it's initial and very remarkable impact in my life. I was  nine years old and spent time at my grandparent's home in Aleppo, Syria. On a warm summer evening, we were having picnic diner, in a very beautiful valley called AL SABIL. There, for the first time, I witnessed the most beautiful image of the moon which was burned right then and there  rising slowly and majestically in its bright orange color so full and so big from the back of valley straight to my heart! An image that remained and will stay in my heart until I die. She was in her full shape so beautiful, taking my breath away,  stopping the world staring at the mesmerizing moon,  rising from the horizon behind the hills, invading the entire sky and turning it into a spectacular and amazing colorful masterpiece with all kind of red, orange and yellow tones. Just magical,  majestic art only Mother Nature can provide.
When I started to let my creativity flow, it was clear to me that I wanted to bring this image from deep in my heart and express it as its best and will continue to do my best on each piece I create. What can I say other than the moon just has to be on each single artwork of mine. Over the years I understood that the moon made me this intuitive artist I am today. It made me follow my heart and soul, allowing me to express my feelings through an endless diversity of colors and silhouettes. The most beautiful language I call ART.
Dedication ​to my visitors!

When I look at you, a powerful energy embraces my soul stroking a smile on my face, turning my eyes into glowing stars! You are beautiful in all your faces - sweet, passionate, powerful, calm, serene, sinister and mysterious at times, truly amazing!
Dedication to the Moon
When I look at you, a powerful energy embraces my soul stroking a smile on my face, turning my eyes into glowing stars! You are beautiful in all your faces - sweet, passionate, powerful, calm, serene, sinister and mysterious at times, truly amazing!
 Only You Moon, was inspired by my passion and by someone who trusted my artistic skills and believed that being passionate will lead me to create a great artwork, and right then and there "Only you" oil painting on canvas emerged to be my reminder forever of these emotions I had several years ago. Since then and thanks to the power of love, I was driven to prove myself that I would have it in me and let it happen fearlessly. 
I started to paint then and never stopped dreaming about it since. I realized that every scene I observed or every picture I saw I would vision my moon in it. It was like I was training my mind to create art, visioning endless ways to portrait the beauty of the moon.  
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